We as the Scientific Committee of the 22nd International Taurine Meeting 
invite all interested participants to submit abstracts for Oral and Poster Presentations.
Abstracts will be peer reviewed and final acceptance will require decision from a panel of 3 reviewers belonging to the scientific committee.
(Submission will Commence on 1st of June, 2019)
Final Deadline for Abstract Submission
March 1, 2020.



Abstract Main Topics

Taurine physiology

Taurine and nervous system / Neurodenerative disease / Psychiatry / Psychology

Taurine and skin 

Taurine and Cardiovascular System 

Taurine and Nephrology 

Taurine and exercise / muscle / athletics.

Taurine Behavior and Development 

Taurine And Taurine Derivatives In Electron Transfer / Redox Potential


Taurine & Taurine derivatives:


Inflammation and  Autoimmunity

Infection and inflammation


Taurine & Taurine derivatives in anti-cancer therapy:

In vitro research 

In vivo research 


Developments from Pharmaceutical Industry Of Taurine And Taurine Derivatives


Infant / Adult Development

Specific Diets

Medical Devices 

Recent Patents on Taurine 

Future medical use



Instructions for submission:

Figures or tables can be attached in a separate file in online submission

All oral presentations should be prepared in Power Point

Poster Size : 90 x 120 vertical size.


Guidelines for submission:

All abstracts are submitted through the 22nd International Taurine Meeting Official website.

All authors should be registered.