Taurine & Taurine Derivatives – Pathophysiology & Cancer

Health Benefits of Taurine

Taurine also known as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid is an amino acid present in most of the mammalian tissues and cells having the highest concentrations in tissues of all known amino-acids. Taurine is an organic compound of extremely valuable clinical significance in human health. Taurine having properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antioxidant, detoxifier, bile acids and membrane stabilizer is under thorough clinical research investigation for more than four decades. Taurine is named after bull/ ox as it was isolated from ox bile first. Taurine is useful in cardiovascular function, retinal function, the development of skeletal muscle, cranial nervous system and retina. Taurine is derived from amino acid with thiol group known as cysteine. Among the defects associated with taurine deficiency have been retinal and tapetum degeneration, cardiac dysfunction, immune deficiency, muscle atrophy, premature aging and impaired reproduction.

The Hellenic Taurine Society, following 10 years of Internationally Recognized active Taurine Clinical Research  on Taurine and Taurine Derivative molecules in association with highly respected Medical Institutes across the globe is aiming to develop modern medicines from taurine against infection, auto-inflammation and cancer. A list of highly respected International Publications of the Hellenic Taurine Society is accompanying the Announcement of the 22nd Taurine meeting 2020 in Athens Greece.

Following a series of International Meetings starting from Tucson USA in 1975, to Dalian China in 2018, we have the privilege and Honorable mission to organize the next Taurine Meeting in the year 2020 in Athens Greece.

In collaboration with the International Taurine Society, and successful materialization of the 22nd Taurine meeting in Athens Greece, we will aid to promote Taurine clinical research and pharmaceutical development, as well as the industry and market associated with food – beverage and nutritional supplements containing taurine.


Dr Anthony M. Kyriakopoulos BSc(Hons). MSc, FIBMS, MD/Ph.D.

President of the Hellenic Taurine Society

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22nd International Taurine MeetinG in Greece

About Greece

Athens is the Homeland of Major Attainments of Humanity. Philosophy, Democracy, Science, Major Arts, recreational Sports and Athletics, Judicial System as seen in Modern World were founded in this Hereditary to the World city. Athens continues to inspire lightness of vividness and inspiration for the whole of the World.

The History

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle Solonas, Klishenis and many other Classical leading figures have set the start for western modern civilization. Thousands of years after, major features such as Kapodistrias, Makryyiannis and Kolokotronis liberating Greece form Othoman Empire have set again Athens the capital of Greece, regaining many of its Classical values for the benefit of the Humanity.


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Venue For 2020 Meeting

Dear Taurine Colleagues, We have received and signed a worth trusty contact with the Venue hotel  that will host the22nd  meeting of our Taurine Friends. The selection of the Place, …

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Having the 22nd International Taurine Meeting In Athens Greece, we are working thoroughly towards organizing an outstanding meeting.  The Taurine Meeting event will take place under the supervision of the …